Automotive Paint Jobs

Car Paint - Auto Repair in Auburn, AL
There are a number of reasons why your auto may need a touchup or total paint repair. In these instances, it is best to bring your vehicle to Ray's Collision Center of Auburn. We offer a full-range of car paint repair services to any car that has experienced paint chipping, bumper scratches, or paint scrapes. We can help improve the look of your car through paint repair after an accident. Other customers just want to enhance the aesthetic of an older automobile and some people are just looking for an upgrade. Whether it is fixing paint chips or giving you custom auto paint, we handle it all.

Bring Your Vehicle in Today in the Columbus and Auburn Areas

Our paint booths are more than capable of handling any vehicle you could possibly bring in, so if you are unsatisfied with the appearance of your car, let us take care of it. We also offer paintless dent repair along with other services. Call us at either (334) 821-4244 or toll free at 866-845-9081. For over 25 years, we have been repairing car paint scrapes on vehicles throughout Auburn/Opelika and Columbus so we have the expertise you need.