Many newer car models are equipped with the latest and greatest safety features. To make driving even easier on the drivers, some vehicles come with standard safety features that could only have been dreamed of a decade ago. Thankfully, these new car features could help improve safety on the road for drivers and passengers.

Automatic Hazard Detection

Whether you have drifted into another lane or a car ahead of you is stopped and you are still traveling at a high speed, some newer cars can automatically detect these kinds of hazards on the road and adapt the vehicle to respond accordingly. The car will alert you of your surroundings as well as divert the hazard and help keep accidents at a minimum.

Assistive Driving Features

Some new vehicles can automatically adapt their speed to a safe traveling speed. Likewise, electronic stability control features can slow down some of your wheels during a turn to reduce unsafe driving. Some cars are equipped with a drowsiness detector that determines whether or not you should take a break before resuming your driving based on your recent driving habits.
Sometimes accidents cannot be predicted or prevented. However, new car features could improve safety on the road. Contact Ray’s Collision Center of Auburn at 866-845-9081 for more information on new car features and how they can help improve safety.