Rental Cars

Opening Door Car - Auto Repair in Auburn, AL
When you bring your car to Ray's Collision Center of Auburn, there is always the possibility that it will need to stay overnight or over the course of several days in order to take care of all repairs. During this time, you may still need to get to work and other responsibilities, which is why we offer on-site car rental services from Enterprise Rental Cars. You should not be hesitant to bring your car in shop just because you are worried about not having a method of transportation for a few days. You can obtain a rental vehicle while your car is being repaired, so you can live your life without interruptions. We strive to give every customer a high level of convenience, and our experts will help you pick out the ideal rental car for you. Needing car repairs can be a major disruption to anyone's life, but we help make this time a little easier. Enterprise Rental Cars, in Auburn, is always available to help, and they can even give you a ride to our center in case you have been involved in an accident.
If you do not have Rental Coverage, Ray's may provide you with a loaner vehicle as a courtesy. Availability and restrictions apply. Please ask management for all of the details.

Helping Anyone near the Opelika and Columbus Areas

Whether your automobile needs comprehensive repairs or a little maintenance, our specialists can handle it. Our experts are so proficient in this field that they can even assist you with your auto body repair claim. We will recommend the best solution for your vehicle's exact problems, so everyone in Auburn, Opelika and Columbus can benefit from a trip to our location. To learn more before coming in, you can give us a call at (334) 821-4244. We even have a toll-free number: 866-845-9081. We have been helping the community for over 25 years, so we know exactly how to get the job done right.