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Car Insurance - Auto Repair in Auburn, AL
Being involved in a car crash can be a scary time. Even if you are physically fine, your car could be damaged or completely inoperable. You may not know if you will be able to get your car up and running again or if you will be able to get another one, and that is why Ray's Collision Center of Auburn assists you with car insurance claim coordination. We will help you work with your insurance agency regarding your auto body repair claim so you can get through this time quickly and with minimum hassle.

Auto Body Repair Filing Process

Immediately after being in a collision, you should call the police to file an accident report. Next, you will want to obtain as much pertinent information as you can, including names, license numbers, phone numbers, registration numbers, models of the vehicles and anything else that is relevant. It is a good idea to take as many pictures as possible of the damage so there is visual evidence. You can have your car towed to Ray's, and you will want to contact your insurance provider as soon as your vehicle is in to begin the claims process. We will provide your insurance agency with an appraisal, and once it has been approved, we can get to work on repairs. In the event your car needs to stay with us for a few days, we can help you get a rental car.

Also Serving the Columbus and Opelika Areas

Our experts work hard to make this process as simple as can be, so if you need efficient auto body collision repair, we are the only shop you need to call. We can be contacted toll free at 866-845-9081 or at (334) 821-4244. Whether your collision was in Auburn, Columbus or Opelika, we can take care of it all.